After submitting a claim electronically using ShipWorks Insurance, you can void the claim from within the program. 

First Things First

1. This article assumes that you're using ShipWorks 3.9.6 or greater and that you've processed a shipment using ShipWorks Insurance.

2.  You have 24 hours from the ship date to void a policy through the ShipWorks program. For any other requests, you will need to contact InsureShip directly.   The ship date is located on your shipment details screen (Home > Ship Orders). 

The Process

1. In ShipWorks, select the order with the insurance policy you wish to void. 

2. Right-click the order and click Ship Orders from the menu. 

3. On the Ship Orders screen, click Void Label

Please note: If the shipment fails to void, the policy is also not voided. Try voiding the shipment again to void the policy. 


You might see an error message like the one below (in Example 1.5). Contact InsureShip at (866) 701-3654 to void the policy. 


4. Click Close to exit. 

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