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The Process

Entering Origin Addresses into ShipWorks

Selecting the Default Origin Address

Setting Different Origin Addresses for Different Stores

Setting Different Origin Addresses for a Single Order

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You can use different origin addresses for different shipping carrier accounts, different stores, or even for individual orders. You choose what makes the most sense for your business rules.  This article will guide you through how to add Origin Addresses, how to apply an origin address as a default and how to configure shipping rules to automatically select an origin address for you.

The Process

Entering Origin Addresses into ShipWorks


1. Open ShipWorks and go to Manage Shipping Settings.

2. From the list of providers on the left, select General.  Then, go to the Global Settings tab.  In the Origin Address section, click the New button.


3. On the Edit Origin screen, enter the origin Address details.  Then, click OK and then Close

You can repeat these steps for any other origin addresses you may want to select for various shipments. The address(es) you set up here (in Manage > Shipping Settings > General > Global Settings tab) are now available to be used throughout ShipWorks, and can be selected as your origin address for different shipping providers, in shipping rules, or on individual orders. 

Selecting the Default Origin Address

1. After you have added the origin address(es), select the individual shipping provider for which you would like to set a default origin address from the list on the left of the Shipping Settings screen.

2. The origin address default for the selected shipping provider can be selected by clicking the Defaults - (shipping provider) link on the Settings tab.  You'll find the same kind of link on the Settings tab for all of your shipping providers.  

3. Select the desired origin address from the Origin dropdown. Then, click OK. 


Selecting the Default Origin Address for Different Stores via Shipping Rules

To use different origin addresses per store, use shipping rules.  

1. Click on the Manage tab and then the Shipping Settings button.  Then, select your shipping provider. 

2. Select the Shipments tab and click the + Add Rule button.


3. You want to create a filter to capture the orders in a specific store, so open the drop-down menu after If the order is in.  Then, select Create... .


4. Type a name for the filter.  Then, click the Add Condition button to create the condition for the filter.

5. To configure the filter for a specific store: 

     5a. Click Order Total and use the drop-down menus to select Store > Store Instance.

5b.  Leave Equals as is and use the drop-down menu to select the name of the store for which you would like the Origin Address to apply.  Then, click OK.

6. Next, you will need to create a shipping profile with the origin address you wish to use for that store. 

  6a. Click the blue link (none) and select Manage Profiles

6b. On the Manage Profiles screen, click the New button.  Then, select your Origin address from the Origin drop-down menu. Click OK after you've selected the correct origin address. 

6c. You can see your new profile in the list of profiles. Click the Close button.

6d. Click the (none) link again, but now click Select to choose your new profile. 

6e. Repeat 6a - 6d for any stores to which you wish to assign a default origin address.

Here's what your shipping provider Shipments tab might look like when you're done:

7. Repeat this process for each shipping carrier and store. 

Changing the Origin Address for A Single Order

When you ship an order, there is a drop-down menu available in the From section of the Ship Orders screen.  You can select any origin address that has been entered into the system as instructed above.

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