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Default Panels

Additional Panels

Closing a Panel

Showing a Panel that is not Visible

Changing the Location of Panels

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ShipWorks displays order and customer information in "panels." A panel is a section of the ShipWorks window.Each panel contains information related to the order highlighted in the Orders grid, or to the customer highlighted when viewing the Customers grid.

This article will guide you through what the defaults panels are, how to reset your default panels, additional panels that are available in ShipWorks and how to rearrange panels within the ShipWorks software.

Default Panels

By default, ShipWorks displays these six panels:

  1. Orders - displays a list of all orders, with columns configured to your preference
  2. Filters - a list of all Filters set up in your ShipWorks, including all default Filters and any Filters you have configured, but no Quick Filters
  3. Notes - displays any notes that have been written for the highlighted order, and an option to Add Notes
  4. Items - displays the items included in the highlighted order, with columns configured to your preference
  5. Charges - displays the charges for the highlighted order (shipping, taxes, insurance, etc.), with columns configured to your preference
  6. Shipping - provides the capability for the user to quickly process individual shipments
  7. Ratesdisplays the rates associated with the properties selected in the Shipping panel

Additional Panels
You may also choose to show (or hide) any of these additional panels:

          8. Shipments - displays the currently selected shipping information for the highlighted order, with columns configured to your preference, as well as other available rates with that same carrier
          9. Emails - displays any e-mail history for the highlighted order
        10. Map - displays the Google Map view of the ship-to address of the highlighted order
        11. Payment Details - displays a payment summary, with columns configured to your preference
        12. Printed - shows what documents (if any) have been printed for the highlighted order  
        13. Street Level View - shows the Google street level view of the ship-to address of the highlighted order

Below is the interface with all eleven panels displayed.  You'll notice that a few of the panels share some screen space. Notice in this example the Shipments, Printed, and Email panels all share a space. The selected tab will be visible on top of the other panels in that space. 

Closing a Panel

1. Simply click the x in the title bar of the panel.  In the image below, the Charges panel will be closed.

Showing a Panel Not Currently Visible 

If you have closed a panel and would like to make it visible again, or if you would like to see an additional panel, it takes just a few mouse-clicks to get what you need.

1. Open the View tab, then click Show Panels and you'll see all the available panels. Choose the panel you would like to see, and you're done!  

2. Confirm that the panel you selected is now visible. Here is the window after selecting Charges from the Show Panels drop-down on the View tab.

Location of Panels

In addition to closing or showing various panels, you can change their positions on the page by dragging and dropping them where you want, you can pin them to the side of the window (much like minimizing them), or you can even pop them out to view them in a separate window.  For detailed instructions on working with panels, please see Moving Panels in the ShipWorks Display and Resetting the Default Panel Display.

Don't worry if you change something and you don't like the way it looks. You can always use the Reset button. (See Resetting the Default Panel Display). 

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.