Default Validation Behavior

By default, ShipWorks checks all ship-to addresses against USPS address records and displays the notifies you of the validation status in the Ship Orders window when it is open for an order. The validation statuses are: Bad Address; Has Suggestions; Good Address; Not Checked. 

Customizations Possible

  • You have three validation behavior options, which you can set for each store separately:
    • Allow the default behavior (ShipWorks displays notification of validation results: "bad address," "has suggestions," "good address," or "not checked").
    • Have ShipWorks automatically correct addresses without notifying you. 
    • Disable address validation completely.  
  • You can show the validation status on the Orders grid, too, instead of just in the Ship Orders window.

Set Address Validation Settings for a Store

1. Go to Manage > Stores

2.  Select one of your stores and click the Edit button.

3. Select “Store Settings.” 

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Store Settings and open the Address validation drop-down menu: 
  • Automatically fix addresses: ShipWorks automatically checks addresses upon download. ShipWorks will then always automatically update the address if there is one and only one correct address identified in the Address Validation results.
  • Notify me of suggestions: ShipWorks automatically checks addresses upon download. ShipWorks will then display a message indicating that there are suggested corrections to the address, or that the address is bad. You can then choose which suggested correction to use.
  • Manual validation only: ShipWorks will not automatically check to see if addresses are valid. You have the option to validate the address when you open the Ship Orders screen. 
  • Disabled: Address validation options will not display at all. 

5.  Select the preference you want, and then click OK, then Close and you’re done!

If you have other stores, just repeat the above for all of your stores. That’s it. There’s really no other configuration that needs to happen. 

Optional:  Display Validation Status and Suggestions on Order Grid
If you like, you can also edit the display of your Orders grid so that you can see the validation status at a glance, but that’s totally optional. 

To do this, just right click any column header, and then check the S: Validation Status and/or S: Validation Suggestions columns.  Notice that you can also move the columns up or down so they are in the positoin you want

Optional:  Enable View Google Maps or Street Level View in the ShipWorks Window

If you'd like to view the Google Maps or Street Level View of the address for the order selected, you can. It is one of the available panels you can choose to display in the ShipWorks window. For step by step instructions, please see "Customizing ShipWorks Panels.."

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to assist you.