Did you know you can do an advanced search of your orders right within the Orders grid, and that you can even use some pretty powerful combinations of search criteria?  You can quickly search for::

  • orders with addresses that have not been validated or fixed
  • orders with shipping and billing addresses that are different
  • orders that were shipped on a certain date
  • orders that include a particular SKU
  • .....
 And those are just some of the possibilities. Follow along with the step by step example below, and you will quickly see how you can make this advanced search function work with your business rules. 

Step-By-Step Example Search
In this example, we'll do a search for not-shipped orders with valid addresses. 

1. Click the down-arrows icon next to the Search field in your Orders grid header. 

2. Click the "Add Condition" button (it looks like a little sign).


3. Click the words "Order Total" and then select Person > Address > Validation Status.

4. Click "Shipping or Billing" and select the types of addresses you'd like to work with. For this example, we''ll use the default "Shipping or Billing,"  We'll leave "Equals" as is, too.  (But note that for a different search, you have the option to choose "Does Not Equal.")

5. Open the dropdown box to select what the address should equal. This is where the ShipWorks developers really got fancy.  You can just click the "Select Ready to Go" line, and the validated address statuses will all be checked for you.  (If you click "Select Not Validated" all those applicable statuses are checked for you).   Pretty sweet, right?  If you want, you can manually pick and choose which checkboxes to select.

That's it!  Now only those search results will show in your Orders grid:


If you want to return to your normal Orders grid with all orders, just click the x next to the "Advanced search active..." field