Creating the Filter
Creating the Action


Amazon, by default, processes tracking information in a batch rather than as each order is processed. Because of this, there have been times that a customer sees that an order has been processed and can't see the tracking information. To alleviate this issue, we can set up a filter and action to push the tracking information for processed Amazon orders to your store every hour (or another time interval you prefer). 

Automating this tracking information upload is a two-step process: 

  • First, you create a filter to capture all the desired orders. 
  • Then, you create an Action to upload shipment details for all orders within that filter at a specified time interval.

Creating the Filter

1. Click Manage > Filters.

2. Click the New Filter button.

3. Name the Filter, then click Next.

4. Click the "Add Condition" button to begin building the Filter.

5. Now, let's add the first two conditions to the filter.  Together, the conditions will ensure that the filter grabs orders that have a local status of shipped and  that the Amazon order status is still showing unshipped.  Here's how:

5.1  Click on the add condition button.  (This button is located at the top of the Filter Condition screen and looks like this .)

5.2  You will now have a new condition that reads Order Total Equals $0.00.  We need to change this condition so that it says Local Status Equals Shipped.  Here's how:

  • Click on the blue link Order Total and select Order > Local Status.

  • Now, to the right of Equals, click the drop-down menu and select Shipped.

Awesome!!  You have the first of the 2 conditions.  Let's add the second.

5.3  Click the Add Condition button again.  The same one you clicked in step 5.1 above.  

5.4  Ok, now you have another line that reads Order Total Equals $0.00.  We are going to change this one too.  Here's how:

  • Click on Order Total and select Order > Store Status.

  • Now, click in the white field to the right of Equals and type in unshipped.

Great!  Now we need to be sure that we are grabbing orders that we actually shipped in ShipWorks.  Here's how we do it:

6. Click the branching icon to add an "And" branch to the filter conditions.  It is the little button at the top of the Filter Conditions screen that looks like this .

7. Notice how you now have an And right underneath the first two conditions we added?  Click the new Add Condition button located under the And.  

7.1  Perfect!  Now you have another line that reads Order Total Equals $0.00.  Let's change this one too.

  • Click on Order Total and select For Any > Shipment.

  • There is now another line that says For any shipment in the order and, right under that, another Add Condition button.  Click that button.

  • Now you have a line that reads Provider Equals None.  Click on Provider and select Processed Status.

  • Lastly, click on None and select Processed from the drop-down menu.

8. Good job.  Your filter conditions should look like the screenshot below.  Click Next.

9.  The Grid Columns screen allows you to specify the grid columns you wish to be visible when you select this filter.  It is not required, but if you wish you can modify these columns.  Click Finish.

Nice.  You now have a filter catching any orders that you shipped in ShipWorks but did not get updated on Amazon.  Next, let's create the action that will send updates telling Amazon to mark these orders as shipped and update the tracking numbers.

Creating the Action

1. Click Manage > Actions.

2. Click the New Action button.

3. Enter a name for the action.

4. Now, let's tell ShipWorks how often to send updates.  In this example we will set it for every hour.

4.1  Under When the following occurs: click on the drop-down menu and select A scheduled time.

4.2  To the right of Run this action: click on the blue link for One Time and select  Hourly from the drop-down menu.

4.3  Leave the Start and End times set to the default settings.  If you wish, you can change the number of hours ShipWorks waits before sending the updates again.

5. ShipWorks now knows how often to perform the Action, but we still need to tell it what to do every hour.  

5.1  Under Run these tasks: click the Add Task button and select Amazon > Upload Shipment details.

6. Now, choose the filter you just created so that the task says "Upload the tracking number for The shipments of everything in AmazonTrackingUpdate" (or whatever you named your filter earlier).

7. Click OK, and then Close, and you're done.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.