ShipWorks allows you to add multiple computers running the ShipWorks software to a centralized ShipWorks database.  This gives you the ability to run ShipWorks on multiple PCs with each PC connected to the same data source.

This article will guide you through the first requirement for connecting additional computers to the ShipWorks database which is to enable remote connection on the main ShipWorks PC.

The Process

1. On your primary ShipWorks Computer, open ShipWorks and navigate to Manage > Configuration.
Note:  The primary ShipWorks computer is typically the first PC you installed ShipWorks on.  It is the PC that house the ShipWorks database.

2. On the Database Configuration window, click the Enable support link.

3. Click Next. If prompted, authorize ShipWorks to make changes on your computer.

4. It may take a few minutes for the update to take effect.  Once enabling remote connections is completed, you will see that Remote Connections: are now supported.  Click Close.

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