ShipWorks can be easily connected to your SellerExpress store.  This article will guide you through how to setup SellerExpress with ShipWorks.

First Things First

In order to connect your SellerExpress store to the ShipWorks software you will need:

  • Your SellerExpress administrator login and password.
  • To be able to log into the ShipWorks software with administrator privileges.

The Process

1. In ShipWorks go to Manage > Stores, then click the Add Store button.

2. Select your store type from the dropdown and click Next.  


3. Enter your login info to your SellerExpress store, and then click Next

4. Enter your store information and then click Next (this will populate the store address fields throughout ShipWorks). 

5. Enter your contact information, and then click Next

6. Select the store settings and click Next

  - First select how many days' orders to download. The default is 30, but you can change this with the Edit link. 

   - Make sure the next two boxes are checked, and select the order status you'd like orders to display after an order is shipped in ShipWorks. 


7. Click Finish.  (Normally at this point, orders are downloaded automatically. SellerExpress requires that you log into your store and assign ShipWorks as the courier before your orders can be downloaded). 

NOTE:  If you would like to eliminate the need to manually select ShipWorks as the courier for your orders before they are downloaded, please contact SellerExpress. They will adjust your store settings for you so that you can automatically download all orders to ShipWorks. 

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care Representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.