This article explains how to add a Magento store using a Magento/ShipWorks module, and is NOT for use with Magento Connect.  For instructions on adding a Magento Connect store, please see "Adding a Magento 1 Store with MagentoConnect."

Before you begin, be sure that you:

  • can log into your Magento store as an administrator.
  • do NOT have Magento installed in the root directory of your store.  (If Magento IS installed in the root directory, please refer to the Magento Connect instructions Adding a Magento Connect Store.
  • Download the Magento ShipWorks module attached to this article and place it into your store's root directory via FTP. Follow these instructions if you need to do so.   

Adding Magento to ShipWorks

1. Check the above "before you begin" section.

2. In ShipWorks, open the Manage tab, select Stores, then Add Store.

3. Select Magento from the platforms dropdown menu, and then click Next.

4. Select Magento Module from, and then enter the requested credentials so that ShipWorks can communicate with your Magento store:

  • Username used to log into your online store
  • Password used to log into your online store
  • Module URL  (something like http://yourstorename/shipworks3.php)
  • Store code (optional, if entering more than one Magento store)

5. Continue entering the requested information, clicking Next to proceed to each next screen.

When you click Finish, ShipWorks will automatically download your first batch of orders. The first batch may take a while, but subsequent downloads will not take as long.