Before adding your Yahoo! store, be sure that you have your login information for your Yahoo! store control panel.

1. (If you just installed ShipWorks and are adding your first store, you can skip this step. ShipWorks will take you directly to step 2).  Click Manage > Stores, then click the Add Store button.

2. Select Yahoo! from the dropdown menu, and then click Next.

3. Log into your Yahoo! store online to obtain your Store ID and Access Token.   

     3a. Open a browser and sign into your Yahoo! store at

     3b. Locate the Merchant Solution section and click the link to your store Control Panel.



     3c. Click Real-Time Links under the Order Settings header. 



     3d. Click the API Settings link.


     3e. Click the Add New Partner button, enter the Partner ID from ShipWorks, then click Next.   


     3f. Enable access to the Order API and the Catalog API, and then click Next.


    3g. Accept the Terms of Service.


     3h. When you see that ShipWorks shows in your Partner API Access list, with Order and Catalog enabled, then you can log out of your store and return to ShipWorks. 


4. Check the email address associated with your Yahoo! store to retrieve the Store ID and Access Token just created in step 3. 

5. Enter the requested information on the store setup wizard:
  • Enter the Store ID and Access Token into the ShipWorks setup screen. 
  • Enter the first order number you wish to download from your store. This IS required. Do not leave this field blank.  (If you don't have any orders on the store to download, just enter "1"). 


6. Continue entering the information requested by the setup wizard on the next few screens. It's rare that you'll need help with these entries, but if you do, please give us a call. 

7. Click Finish. Your orders will begin downloading immediately. The first batch of orders might take a while, but future downloads won't take as long. 

NOTE for ShipWorks 4.6 users: 

If you use ShipWorks 4.6 or earlier, you'll need to follow these directions to add your Yahoo! store: