This article illustrates how to create an action that prints invoices every time an order enters a particular filter. In the example used, that filter is the Ready to Ship filter. These instructions can be applied to other scenarios as well.

The Process

1. In the ribbon bar select Manage > Actions.

2. Click the New Action button.

3. Name the new action something relevant to the task. 

4.  Use the When the following occurs: drop-down menu to set the trigger for the action so it runs when A filter's content changes. Once that event is chosen, you can choose which filter is being used for this action. In this example, we'll use the filter Ready to Ship.

5. Click the Add Task drop-down to select Print.

6. Next, click the With template: drop-down menu and select the invoice template that you wish to print automatically.  You may also select a packing slip template if you wish. 

7. Click OK.  If you do not already have a printer selected to work with this template, then you'll be prompted to choose one now. Just choose a printer for template, click OK again and proceed.

8. Note that the new action is listed in your Action Manager window now. Click Close. Going forward, an invoice will print for any order entering the filter.

Still Need Help?

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