These instructions are for current ShipWorks users who have previously used and installed ShipWorks on an additional computer or have re-installed ShipWorks. This page continues where the Install and set up ShipWorks account instructions left off. If you have not yet finished installation, please Install and set up your ShipWorks account now, then come back here to connect your installation of ShipWorks to a database. 


This page explains how to connect your new installation of ShipWorks to a saved backup file of your ShipWorks database.

If you have ShipWorks running on another computer on your network you should try to Connect to an Existing ShipWorks DatabaseIf you're a new user, you should Connect ShipWorks to a New Database.


1. Open the ShipWorks application and select Get Setup.

2. Select Restore a ShipWorks database backup.

3. Select Restore into a new database. Then click Next >.

4. Select where to put the backup file you're restoring. (If you're not sure, use the default settings the ShipWorks Setup wizard chooses for you. If necessary choose to Install a new instance of Microsoft SQL Server.)

5. Click Next > (or click the Edit link to change the database name first, then click Next>). 

6. Use the Browse button to find the backup file. It's a file ending in .swb that you would have saved from your previous isntallation of ShipWorks. (Note: If you do not have a backup file, and have not used ShipWorks before, please refer to our instructions to Getting started and to connect ShipWorks to a new database). When you find the backup file, select it, then click Open, then click Next >.


7. Click OK.

8.Click Finish.

9. If prompted to update your database, click Next >

10. Enter the ShipWorks application administrator user's Username and Password for the backup database file you're restoring now.

11. Click Next > then OK then Finish.