Follow these instructions to enable your eBay store to download images. (Most other store platforms automatically download images when orders are downloaded, and some store platforms do not offer this feature at all. You can configure eBay to use images). After you enable the image downloads, if you want to also use the images on invoices and packing slips, you will need to configure your packing slip / invoice templates to allow images to appear.

1. Select Manage >Stores on the ShipWorks ribbon bar.

2. Select Your Store > Edit

3. Navigate to Store Settings and check the "Download image URLS (to display images in templates)" box. 

4. Click "OK" to save the changes. Click "Close" to return to main Manage Stores window. Repeat these steps for all applicable stores. On your next download, ShipWorks will begin to download images to display in your packing slip / invoice templates. 

If you would like the thumbnail images to display on your packing slips or invoices, please see this article to make sure that ShipWorks is configured correctly to do so.

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