Note that the "Other" shipping carrier option cannot be configured to communicate with or integrate with any particular shipping carrier.

1. Log into ShipWorks and click the Manage tab, then Shipping Settings

2. Select Other from the left side menu and then click the Setup button.  Click Next past the next screen.

*If you do not see Other, first click General and then enable the Other checkbox. It will immediately become available for selection.

3. (Totally optional) If you want to set up a specific origin address that will be pre-populated in the Ship Orders window when you choose the "Other" carrier, then you can enter that now. Just click the New button and then enter the address info on the next screen. 

4. (Also totally optional) If you'd like to create a special Shipping Profile for this carrier, select the Defaults - Other link to open the Shipping Profile editor. Then you can enter whatever default settings you might like to use when you choose "Other" as your carrier.

5.(Optional and Only As Necessary) If you have not previously entered an email account into ShipWorks, and if you want to send email notifications for orders that use this shipping option, then you should click the Email Accounts button and enter your email account settings. You'll have to find your resident geek and tell him or her that you need the Incoming and Outgoing mail server names, the Server type, and SMTP settings. For more info about setting up email in ShipWorks, see this help article: Adding Your Email Address to ShipWorks

6. Click Finish.

Still Need Help?

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