The 'Other' shipping provider can be configured so that you can manually enter the details of a shipment including the shipping provider and service used, the tracking number and the cost of a shipment.   This can be useful when you need to associate shipment information to an order in ShipWorks when the order was shipped outside of ShipWorks.

First Things First

In order to set up the Other shipping provider you will need to be logged into ShipWorks as a user with administrator rights.

The 'Other' shipping provider does not connect to any specific shipping provider and does not print a shipping label.  It is used to save shipment details to an order in ShipWorks.

The Process 

1. Click on the Manage tab and then on the Shipping Settings screen.

2. Select Other from the list of shipping providers.  Then, click the Setup button.

3. Click the Next button.

4.  The Origin Address screen allows you to add additional origin addresses for easy selection when shipping.  If you only ship from one origin address, simply click Next.  If you do need to add additional origin addresses, click on the New button and enter the address information into the appropriate fields.
Note:  The description field when adding an address is used to name each address so that you know which address is which when selecting the addresses from a list. 

5. The Shipment Defaults screen allows you to set your base defaults for the Other provider. (These are the most commonly used shipping settings that you use.)  You can also set up more complex shipping rules on this screen, but this is outside the scope of this article.  For more information on shipping rules, check out this article.

5.  The Processing Setup screen allows for you to add and configure an email address in ShipWorks, set automatic email notifications for the Other provider, and to tell ShipWorks to what status the order should be set when processing or voiding a label.  For the Local Status settings, we recommend leaving the defaults.  For more information on how to configuring an email address and setting up shipment notification emails, you may be interested in the following articles.

Adding Your E-mail Address

Configuring Automatic Email Notifications

6. Click Finish.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to assist you.