1. Log in to your 3dcart Online Store Manager at [yourstore3dcartstores.com/admin/login.asp] or with dedicated SSL at [www.yourstore.com/admin/login.asp]  (Replace "yourstore" in the URLs with the name of your online store).

  3. Click the Modules link on the left navigation bar.

  5. Look for the SOAP API module and click on its + Icon to expand the selection.

  7. Check the Enable API checkboxes, copy the API User Key to your computer's clipboard, then click the Save button in the top right.

    (You can close out of this window now if you have that API user key copied).              
  9. Log into ShipWorks, open Manage > Stores in the ribbon bar and then click the Add Store button. (Actually, if you have just installed ShipWorks, you won't have to click Manage > Stores. The Store Setup Wizard will start right up for you when you log in). 
  10. Choose 3dcart from the dropdown menu.

  12. Enter the Store URL and API User Key provided by 3dcart. 

  14. (Optional) Select the number of days to check for modified or skipped orders, and then click Next. Allowing this check does take time during download, but because of 3dcart limitations, not doing this may lead to missed modifications on orders. The default of 7 has shown to be sufficient, but choose what's best for your volume and workflow. 

  16. Select your time zone and then click Next

  18. Enter your store information. This will be used on invoices, packing slips, etc. 

  20. Enter your contact information. This will be used on email notifications. 

  22. Select your download and status preferences for orders. 


13. When you see the Setup Complete screen, click the Finish button and do a happy dance because you're all set to ship orders!

Upon completion of the wizard, your orders will automatically be downloaded. The first download may take some time, depending on how much order history you have to download. Future regular downloads will not take this much time.