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According to Amazon:

A purchase order (PO) number, used to track an order, can be created during checkout.

Business customers can enter a PO number to help track and reference their packages. This package ID is made of characters you enter in the PO field on the Business Information page during checkout. Common entries are: any combination of letters and/or numbers, cost center, category, location, or any that work for your package-referencing needs.

The PO number displays in order history reports. Depending upon your carrier, the PO number may also display on the shipping label or packing slip. If your order was placed with a third-party seller, the PO number may or may not display in various locations.

This article will guide you through how to include the Amazon PO number on your printed shipping label.

First Things First

This article assumes the following:

1.  You have ShipWorks installed and are logged into the ShipWorks software as a user with administrator privileges.

2.  You have your Amazon marketplace connected to ShipWorks and have downloaded at least one order that includes the Amazon PO number.

3.  You have ShipWorks version 5.4 or greater installed.

The Process

Create the Shipping Profile to Include the Amazon PO

Please Note: The exact steps for this may be slightly different depending on which shipping provider(s) you utilize but the general steps are the same.  For this article, we will use USPS.

1. In ShipWorks, select an order by clicking on it.  Then, click on the Home tab then the Ship Orders button.


2. On the Ship Orders screen, select the shipping provider for which you would like to include the Amazon PO number from the Provider: drop-down menu .  Again, for this example we are using USPS.

3.  Next, click on the Apply Profile button.  Then, click Manage Profiles.

4. Select your shipping provider from the list of providers on the left.  Then, click on the New button.

5. Name the profile Amazon PO Number.

4. Now, scroll down on the Shipping Profile screen and find the Memo 1 field. Click the checkbox on the left to enable the Memo 1 field to activate it.  Next, copy the following snippet and paste it into the Memo1 field.

copy this snippet:  {//Order/Amazon/PurchaseOrderNumber}

Note: In our example, utilizing USPS, the field to output data onto the printed shipping label is called Memo 1, 2 or 3.  However, the field names are unique per shipping carrier. For example, with UPS you'll use the Reference 1 or 2 fields. For FedEx you'll use the Reference # field.

Also Note: In our example we utilize the Memo 1 field but you can utilize the Memo 2 and 3 fields if desired.


5.  Once you have pasted the snippet into the correct field in your Shipping Profile, click OK.  Then, click Close to return to the main ShipWorks screen.

Creating a Shipping Rule

Next, let's create a Shipping Rule to tell ShipWorks to automatically apply the Amazon PO to the label for Amazon orders.

1. In ShipWorks, click on the Manage tab and then the Shipping Settings button.

2. Select your shipping provider form the list of providers on the left of the Shipping Settings screen.  For this example, we are using USPS.

3. With the shipping provider selected, click on the Shipments tab.  Then, click on the Add Rule button. A new line will appear below the Additional Defaults section.

4.  Next, we will create a Quick Filter to select only the Amazon orders for which we would like to include the Amazon PO number on the shipping label.  Click the on the filter drop-down box near the text that read If the order is in and then click the Create... button.

5. In the Filter Editor dialog, name the Quick Filter Amazon Store.

6.  Next, click on the Add Condition button.  This will create a new condition that we will modify in just a moment.

7.  Now, click on the blue text Order Total and select Store > Store Type from the menu.

8. From the Store Type drop-down menu,  choose Amazon. Then, click OK.

9. Next, click on the blue text none.  Then, mouse over Select and then choose the newly created profile that we named Amazon PO Number in the previous steps.

Once completed the newly added rule will look similar to the below example.

8. Click OK and then Close to return to the main ShipWorks screen.

Great!!  From now on the Amazon PO number will automatically print on the label for any Amazon orders that contain an Amazon PO number.

Please Note:  You will need to repeat the above steps for each different shipping carrier you utilize for shipping Amazon orders.

Still Need Help?

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