Creating the Return Label
* For Orders with a Single Shipment
* For Orders with a Multiple Shipments
Setting the Label Format to Standard
Emailing the Return Label
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You'll use the Standard label format for return labels so you can email them to the customer, because you cannot email thermal labels. If you normally print thermal labels, no worries - you'll just manually change to the Standard label option when creating the return label (see step 1 below). After you have the return label created, you can compose an email with the Standard label in it, write your message to the customer and send it off.

NOTE: If you're using FedEx or UPS, you will likely not need to email the label through ShipWorks for the return shipment.  With FedEx and UPS, there is an "Email Return to Customer" option that can be chosen in the "Return Shipment" section of the shipping information tab when creating the return label. This email is generated by the carrier, and is not editable in ShipWorks. 

Creating the Return Label

1.  Select the order for which you would like to generate a return label.  

Hint:  You can quickly search for and locate an order by using the Search All Orders box at the top of the ShipWorks application.  If you know the order number or customer's first or last name you can enter it into the box and quickly locate the order.

2.  Next, let's create the return shipment.  Depending upon whether or not your order has multiple shipments associated to it you will need to do this in one of two ways.

Orders With Only a Single Shipment

a.  With the order selected, click on the Shipping tab and then click on the Return button.

b.  Clicking the Return button will open the Ship Orders screen for you and create a new, return shipment.  You can expand the Return Shipment section and verify that the This is a return shipment checkbox is checked.

Orders With Multiple Shipments

a.  With the order selected click on the Home tab and then click Ship Orders.

b.  On the Ship Orders screen, select the shipment from the Shipments list on the left.  Then, select Copy > Copy as Return.

c.  Selecting Copy > Copy as Return creates a new, return shipment and selects it for you.   You can expand the Return Shipment section and verify that the This is a return shipment checkbox is checked.



Setting the Label Format to Standard

If you typically print your labels to a thermal printer, you will more than likely need to switch the label format of your return shipment to Standard so that the label is in a format that can be emailed.

3.  With your return shipment selected on the Ship Orders screen expand the Label Options section and then select Standard from the Requested Label Format drop-down menu.

4.  With your return shipments selected, click on the Create Label button to generate the return shipping label.  Note:  If you have a standard laser or inkjet printer connected you may wind up with a printed label on this printer.  If you do not need the printed label you can recycle it.  Next, we will take a look at how to email the return label.

5.  Click Close on the Ship Orders screen to return to the main ShipWorks screen.

Emailing the Return Label

5.  Right click on the order and select Compose Email > Labels  > Standard to open the return label onto the compose email screen.


6.  On the Compose Email screen check that the To email address is correct, enter a subject into the Subject field, add an option message to your customer and then click Send to send the email containing the return label.

7.  You can verify that your return email was sent successfully by viewing the Emails panel.  Go to View > Panels > Emails.

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