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You can create a shipping profile (a set or group of defaults) that can easily be selected any time you are shipping with SmartPost.  This is accomplished by creating a shipping profile in ShipWorks.

Before You Begin

Since this article is specific to FedEx SmartPost you will need to have a few things in place prior to continuing.

a.  You will need to have your FedEx account added to ShipWorks.  If you do not, you can learn how to do so here.

b.  You will need to be sure that your FedEx account has been enabled for SmartPost.  If you need to enable your FedEx account for SmartPost, please reach out to your FedEx representative to assist you.

c.  You will need to configure your FedEx account in ShipWorks with a HUB ID in order to activate the SmartPost shipping options.  If you have not done so, you can learn how to do so here.

The Shipping Profiles Screen

Depending upon the version of ShipWorks you are running, there are a couple of ways that you can access the Shipping Profiles screen.

v5.2 or Greater - Using the Shipping Panel

1. Select any order in ShipWorks by clicking on it.  

2.  With the order selected, go to the SHIPPING tab and click on the MANAGE button to open the Shipping Profiles screen.

Versions Earlier Than v5.2

1.  Select an order that has not yet been shipped by clicking on the order.

2.  Load the order onto the Ship Orders screen by clicking on the Home tab and the clicking on the Ship Orders button.

3.  On the right hand side of the Ship Orders screen, click on the Apply Profile button and then click Manage Profiles to open the Shipping Profiles screen.

Creating the SmartPost Profile

Note:  In this example we will only be setting defaults within the profile that directly relate to FedEx SmartPost.

1.  On the Shipping Profiles screen select FedEx and then click on the New button.

2.  Enter a name for your profile into the Name field.

3.  (optional)  If you have more than one FedEx account added to your ShipWorks application, check the box to the left of Account and select the FedEx account you wish to use with SmartPost from the Account drop-down menu.

4.  In the Shipment section, check the box to the left of Service and then select  FedEx SmartPost from the Service drop-down menu.

5. Scroll down to the SmartPost section of the Shipping Profile screen and set the following defaults:

a.  (option)  Hub ID - If you have more than one HUB ID select the ID you wish to use in this set of defaults.

b.  Indicia - Check the box to the left of the Indicia option and then select  the appropriate option from the Indicia drop-down menu.  Typically you will select FedEx SmartPost Parcel Select for packages greater than 1 pound and FedEx SmartPost Parcel Select Light for packages weighing under a pound.

c.  Ancillary - If you need to add an ancillary service to your SmartPost shipments you can select the service from the Ancillary drop-down menu.

d.  USPS Delivery Confirmation - Select this option if you wish for a USPS Delivery Confirmation to be the default for this profile. 

e.  Manifest ID - Check the box to the left of Manifest ID.  There are default values available to you by clicking on drop-down arrow to the right of the Manifest ID field.

6.  Use the Packages tab to enter the correct weight and dimensions for your package.

a.  Click on the Packages tab.

b.  Check the box to the right of the option(s) for which you wish to enter values, such as Weight or  Dimensions.

c.  Enter the appropriate values for your package.

7.  When you are finished entering your defaults, click on the  OK button.  Then, click Close.

Applying Your SmartPost Profile

You can now select the SmartPost profile you just created so that all of the SmartPost defaults apply to the SmartPost shipments that you process.

v5.2 or Greater - Using the Shipping Panel

1.  Select an order that will be shipped using FedEx SmartPost.

2.  In the Shipping Panel, select FedEx from the Provider drop-down menu.

3.  Apply your SmartPost profile selecting the Shipping tab.  Then, click on the Apply button and select your SmartPost profile from the drop-down menu.

4.  Click on the Create Label button in the Shipping panel to process your SmartPost label.

Versions Prior to v5.2 or Batch Processing using the Ship Orders Screen

For this example let's take a look at how to apply the SmartPost profile to multiple shipments when batch processing.

1.  Select the order(s) for which you wish to process using FedEx SmartPost.

2.  With the orders selected, click on the Home tab and then click on the  Ship Orders button to open the Ship Orders screen.

3.  In the Shipments section of the Ship Orders screen, select all of the shipments listed.  The easiest way to do this is to click on one of the shipments and then press CTRL + A on your keyboard.

4.  Verify that FedEx is selected as the Provider.

5. To apply the SmartPost profile, click on the Apply Profile button and then select the SmartPost profile from the drop-down menu.  This apples the SmartPost defaults to all of the selected shipments at once.

6.  Click on the Create Labels button to process SmartPost labels for all of the selected shipments.

That's it!  You now have a SmartPost shipping profile you can use whenever you need it.

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