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ShipWorks gives you the ability to ship Amazon Prime, Self-Fulfilled, Same-Day orders by using the Amazon shipping provider available to you in the ShipWorks software.   This article will assist you with understanding the required setup as well as how to ship Prime Same-Day orders using the Amazon shipping provider with Dynamex.

See this article for a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to shipping Amazon Self-Fulfilled Prime orders with ShipWorks.

First Things First

Before we take a look at how to ship Amazon Same-Day orders in ShipWorks, let's take a look at what is required to do so.


1.  ShipWorks version 5.5 or greater is required to support Amazon Same-Day shipping.  Click here to learn how to upgrade your version of ShipWorks.

2.  Your Amazon Seller Central account must be approved by Amazon for Amazon Prime Self-Fulfilled orders.

3.  Your Amazon Seller Central account must be approved for Same-Day, Prime Self-Fulfilled shipments.

4.  Your Amazon Seller Central account must have Same-Day Expedited setup in the shipping settings.

Note:  If you have questions on either of the above prerequisites (2 - 4), please reach out directly to Amazon.

5.  If you have not done so already, please reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care representatives and ask them to enable Amazon shipping with your ShipWorks account.  You can reach us here.

Things to Know

1.  Amazon currently only supports Same-Day shipping in a select group of cities in the US.  You can see the list of cities and check a zip code to see if Same-Day shipping is supported in that area here.

2.  When shipping a Same-Day shipment in ShipWorks, the Dynamex Same Day option will only appear if the following are true: (all are visible in ShipWorks)

a.  The shipment's To and From addresses are both in the same Amazon Same-Day supported city.

b.  The order is flagged as a Prime order by Amazon.

c.  The order is flagged as a Same-Day order by Amazon.

d.  The order is being shipped within the Earliest and the Latest delivery times specified by Amazon.

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The Process

Once all of the above requirements are met, you are ready to begin shipping your Amazon Same-Day orders.  Here's how:

1.  Select the order for which you wish to ship using Amazon - Dynamex Same Day.  

Note:  You may wish to create a filter to separate out all of your Amazon Same-Day orders from your other orders in ShipWorks. 

2.  This the order selected, click on the Home tab and then click on the Ship Orders button.  You can also right click on the selected order and select Ship Orders from the menu.

Note:  Shipping Amazon Same-Day orders is not supported in the Shipping Panel (v5.2 or greater).

3.  If required, on the Ship Orders screen, select Amazon form the Provider drop-down menu.

4.  Dynamex Same Day will be the default shipping method and the Service drop-down menu will be disabled.

5.  Verify that all other shipping details in the Shipment Details section are correct.

6.  Once all of your shipment details are correct, click on the Create Label button to generate your shipping label.

Your label will now print to the standard printer.

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