This article will guide you through how to verify the setting are correct for the Thermal quick filter. This quick filter is used as a component of your printing rules in ShipWorks to output printed labels to your thermal printer.  

Note:  See the related articles at the end of this article for links to guides on how to troubleshoot printing issues.

The Process

1.  In ShipWorks go to Manage > Shipping Settings.

2.  Select the shipping provider for which you would like to modify the Thermal quick filter.  For this example we are using USPS.

3.  Select the Printing tab.

4.  Under Output Rules, click on the Thermal drop-down menu after If the shipment is in.  Then, click on the blue link Edit.

Before we go any further, let's see if the filter is already configured correctly.  It should be configured like the below screenshot.  If not, continue on to step 5. 

5.  If you need to modify any part of the Thermal quick filter, you can click on any of the components in the condition and select the correct option from the drop-down menu.  For example, if I need to change Requested Label format  to Actual Label Format:

6.  Once the filter is configured correctly, click OK then Close.

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