Amazon allows approved merchants to ship their Amazon Self-Fulfilled Prime orders by purchasing shipping labels from Amazon.  ShipWorks supports Seller Fulfilled Prime, allowing you to generate shipping labels from within the ShipWorks application.

Services Supported




Dynamex (Same Day)

Q:  How do I enable Seller Fulfilled Prime in ShipWorks?

A:  Reach out to the ShipWorks Support team and we will be more than happy to enable Seller Fulfilled Prime for you.  For contact info, please click here.

Q:  Is there a fee associated with using Seller Fulfilled Prime in ShipWorks?

A:  Yes, there is an additional $0.20 fee for each Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime label created within ShipWorks. This fee will be charged at the beginning of each month for labels created during the previous month.

Q:  How do I setup Amazon Prime Shipping in the ShipWorks application?

A:  We have several articles to help you.  Please take a look at the list of articles below.  Of course, if you still need assistance we are here to help out.

 Q:  Can I ship Amazon Prime orders in ShipWorks without enabling Seller Fulfilled Prime?

A:  No.  ShipWorks will not allow you to process labels for Amazon Prime orders with non-Amazon shipping methods.

Q:  How do I find my Amazon Prime orders in ShipWorks?

A:  There is a column on the main orders grid in ShipWorks that indicates when an order is Amazon Prime.  You can sort by this column by clicking on the column header.  You can also create a filter in ShipWorks so that your Amazon Prime orders are automatically sorted out from the rest of your orders for you.


 Q:  If I am shipping with Dynamex, what do I need to know?

A:  There a few things that may be important:

  • ShipWorks does support Amazon Prime Same-Day with Dynamex.
  • When shipping Same-Day orders, you cannot use any service other than Dynamex.
  • Dynamex shipments cannot be voided or duplicated.  

 Q:  Can I use Amazon to ship orders that are not Amazon Prime?

A:  No.

Q:  Can Amazon Prime orders be combined or split?

A:  No.  Amazon does not currently support either option.

 Q:  Can I void or duplicate/copy an Amazon Prime Shipment?

A:  Orders that are being shipped with Dynamex Same-Day cannot be voided or duplicated.  However, Amazon Prime shipments using other services can be voided.  Once the shipment has been voided you have the ability to duplicate the shipment and process an additional shipping label.

 Q:  Can a return label be generated for Amazon Prime shipments?

A:  No.  Amazon does not support return shipments at this time.

 Q:  I noticed that my shipping rates are different when shipping Amazon Prime orders.  Why is that?

A:  When you ship orders in ShipWorks that are not Amazon Prime, you are seeing your rates from the selected shipping provider (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.).  However, when you ship Amazon Prime orders you are purchasing postage directly from Amazon and you will see the Amazon rates in ShipWorks.

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