Add a Magento 2 Store

Note: This document explains how to add a Magento 2 store using the Magento 2 ShipWorks Extension. This article is NOT intended for use with the Magento 1 Module from, nor the Magento 1 Connect Extension. For information on adding a Magento 1 store please see our documentation to Add a Magento 1 Store with MagentoConnect and/or Add a Magento 1 Store Without MagentoConnect.


Adding a Magento 2 Store in ShipWorks is done in two general phases, installing the Magento 2 ShipWorks extension and connecting your ShipWorks software to the Magento extension.

Before you begin, please be sure that you can:

  • Log into you Magento marketplace as a consumer
  • Can log into your Magento store as an administrator

Note: The Magento 2 ShipWorks Extension is currently not compatible with PHP version 7.


Phase 1: Install the Magento 2 ShipWorks Extension and obtain your Access Key


NOTE: ShipWorks does NOT provide any support for phase 1 of the installation beyond what is included this document. Follow Magento’s instructions carefully (including taking a full backup of your Magento site installation as needed).


1. Browse to

2. Search for ShipWorks.

3. Click the ShipWorks logo.

4. Click Add to cart.

5. Go to Checkout.

6. Enter payment details (required even though the Magento 2 ShipWorks Extension is free).

7. You will receive an order confirmation email Magento with the instructions for installing the ShipWorks extension.

8. Using the link provided in the Magento email, connect your purchases to your Magento 2 platform by using your Authorization Key Access.

9. Create a New access key.

10. Using the link provided in the Magento email, learn how to use the Component Manager to install newly purchased extensions.

11. Log into your Magento store with your administrator credentials.

12. Select System > Web Setup Wizard. (note if you do not see the Web Setup Wizard option, please verify that the ¬“zoom” is set to at least 100%).

13. Select System Configuration.

14. If you haven’t already done so, enter your Authentication Keys in the provided fields.

15. Save Configuration.

16. Select Component Manager (components are sorted alphabetically). Verify that the ShipWorks and the Magento 2 ShipWorks Extension is installed.

17. Return to the admin dashboard

18. Click System > Integration > Add New Integration > Create a Name (name it whatever you like) > Enter the admin password > Save

19. Locate the item you just created . Click Edit > API > Check the box next to sales to select all roles associated with Sale. > Integration info> Enter admin password > Save

20. Click Activate > Verify that Sales roles are selected > Click Allow.

21. Copy the Access Token token value to your computer's clipboard. The Access Token will be entered in the Token field in the ShipWorks application.


Phase 2: Add and configure your Magento 2 store in the ShipWorks application

1. In the ShipWorks application click Manage > Stores > Add Store.


2. Choose Magento and click Next.

3. Choose Magento 2. Input the Access Token and Module URL for ShipWorks tp communicate with your Magento 2 store

     - Token: obtained by following the steps provided by Magento)

     - Module URL: something like http://yourstorename.example/rest/V1/shipworks

          Note: the "V" in the "V1" text must be uppercase!!

     - Store code: optional only use if adding more than one Magento store on the same Magento account


4. Continue entering the requested information, clicking Next to proceed to each next screen.


When you click Finish, ShipWorks will automatically download your first batch of orders. The first batch may take a while, but subsequent downloads will not take as long.