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ShipWorks gives you the ability to quickly locate orders by simply scanning a barcode.  With Single Scan enabled in ShipWorks you can quickly locate and select an order by scanning a barcode.

This article will guide you through how to use Single Scan in ShipWorks to easily search for and select orders.

First Things First

Before continuing with this article there are a few things you will need to have ready:

1.  You will need to have ShipWorks installed and to be logged into ShipWorks.

2.  You will need to have the scanner that you intend to use with ShipWorks installed and to ensure that the needed driver(s) for the scanner are installed in Windows.

3.  You will need to follow the steps in this article to enable Single Scan and to register your scanner

4.  You will need to have a barcode to scan.  For example, you may wish to configure your printed packing slips or invoices so that they contain a barcode of the ShipWorks order number which can be easily scanned.

The Process

The Basic Search

It is super easy, with Single Scan enabled, to locate an order and to have ShipWorks automatically select the order for you.

1. Scan the barcode for the order that you wish to locate.

  • You do not need to click in the Search all Orders box prior to scanning.  ShipWorks will automatically do this for you when you scan.
  • It does not matter which filter you have selected in the Filters panel.

The following will happen automatically.

• The order number is automatically populated into the Search All Orders box.

• ShipWorks searches for, locates and selects the order.

• ShipWorks creates a new shipment for the order based upon the shipping rules defined in ShipWorks.

  (Note: This step occurs only for orders that have not been previously selected.)

Please Note:  You may continue to use Search All Orders by typing a value using your keyboard.  When you do so, single scan is overwritten and the standard ShipWorks search results will be returned.  For more information on how searching with the Search All Orders field works, please see this article.

Combining the Advanced Search and the Quick Search

In some cases, you may need to use both the Advanced Search and the Single Scan together in order to get the correct search results.  One example may be that you have multiple marketplaces connected to ShipWorks and the marketplaces have overlapping order numbers.  

In this case we need a way to say "Hey ShipWorks, I need to see order number 6004, but only the order 6004 for my Generic File store".

The good news is that we can set up an Advanced Search to narrow down orders for only a single marketplace.  Then, use Single Scan to locate a specific order within the Advanced Search results.  Let's take a look.

1.  Click on the Advanced Search button.

2.  Click on the Add Criteria button in the Advanced Search window.

3.  Click on Order Total and select Store > Instance.

4.  Select the store for which you would like to search for orders by order number. For this example, we have selected our Generic File store.

5.  Great, now you have all of the orders for your selected store in the search results.  To narrow down the results to a single order number, simply scan the barcode for the order number.  For this example we scanned for our generic file store order number 6004.

We have now narrowed down order number 6004 for only our Generic File store, even though we may have another order number 6004 related to a different store in ShipWorks.

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