Below is a list of articles that you may find useful when troubleshooting ShipWorks database issues, ShipWorks connection errors, when connecting ShipWorks PCs to the ShipWorks database, or when you need to reconnect to a ShipWorks database.

Reconnecting to a ShipWorks Database

This article will guide you through how to connect your ShipWorks software to an existing ShipWorks database.

Troubleshooting: Can't Connect to SQL Server

Guides you through how to troubleshoot the below error when launching ShipWorks.


Adding Multiple Computers to a ShipWorks Database

Guides you through how to add additional ShipWorks computers to an existing ShipWorks database.

Enabling Remote Connections

Guides you through how to prepare the ShipWorks server prior to connecting multiple computers to the ShipWorks database.

Troubleshooting:  Locating the IP Address of the ShipWorks Server

In some cases it may be necessary to locate the IP address of the PC running your ShipWorks database.  This may be useful when troubleshooting connectivity issues with ShipWorks client PCs, when adding additional computers to a ShipWorks database or when troubleshooting connection errors in ShipWorks.

Allowing ShipWorks through Windows Firewall

Firewalls are designed for security purposes, keeping unwanted programs (like viruses) from accessing your information. However, sometimes it’s so good at doing its job that it prevents ShipWorks from connecting to your server computer. Perform the following actions on all computers that you want to connect to the ShipWorks database. 

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