ShipWorks can be configured to automatically import the weight of a package from a scale connected to your ShipWorks computer when a barcode is scanned. This section will guide you through enabling the Automatically weigh packages on barcode scan feature.

First Things First

This article assumes the following:

1.  You have ShipWorks v5.11 or later installed.  You can download and install the latest version of ShipWorks here.  

2.  You have a barcode scanner installed and working on your computer.

3.  You have registered your barcode scanner with the ShipWorks software.

4.  You have a scale connected to your ShipWorks computer and are able to read from the scale.

The Process

1.  Click on the Manage tab.  Then, click the Options button.

2.  Locate the Shipping section near the bottom of the ShipWorks Options screen.  Check the box for Automatically weigh packages on barcode scan.

3.  Click OK to exit the ShipWorks Options screen.

That's it.  ShipWorks is now configured to automatically weigh packages on a barcode scan.  


Remember, Single Scan setup and configuration is computer specific.  Follow the above steps on each computer individually if you will be using a barcode scanner to weigh packages on more than one ShipWorks computer.

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