ShipWorks version 5.14 or later allows you to optionally import your UPS account's rates from an Excel file and store those rates locally in the ShipWorks database. With this feature enabled, ShipWorks displays the imported rates on screen when you configure UPS shipments. This can help to improve performance when processing UPS shipments and also gives you the ability to compare rates across your shipping providers (including UPS) when using ShipWorks’ Best Rate feature. Your actual cost for processing a UPS shipment is not affected by using this feature.

The following list of articles will guide you through the process of gathering your UPS account specific rates and zone files, gathering additional needed files, creating and importing the ShipWorks import files, and configuring UPS Local Rating in ShipWorks.  You can also download the attached UPS Local Rating User's Guide which includes all of the following articles.

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