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ShipWorks attempts to validate that the UPS rates imported into ShipWorks for UPS Local Rating are correct.  If it is detected that there is an invalid rate or fee you will be prompted with an error. There are several times when these errors may display.

  • When importing your UPS account specific rates into ShipWorks.
  • When processing a UPS shipment with Local Rating enabled.
  • When ShipWorks performs a periodic background rate check

This article will guide you through how to troubleshoot these errors.

First Things First

In order to troubleshoot UPS Local Rating errors there are a few things that you will need:

  • To be able to log into ShipWorks as a user with administrator rights.
  • To be able to log into your online UPS account.
  • Access to your saved UPS Local Rating rate and zone import file templates.  (It was recommended that you create these when following the steps in this article.)

The Process



UPS frequently updates the UPS Fuel Surcharge rates.  In many cases, this is the cause of rate discrepancies in  ShipWorks when using UPS Local Rating.  Let's take a look at how to check the current UPS Fuel Surcharge and how to ensure that they are correct in ShipWorks.  We will also look at how to upload corrected rates into ShipWorks when needed.

Comparing the Current UPS Surcharge to Rates in ShipWorks Local Rating


1.  Open the UPS Fuel Surcharge webpage.

2.  Locate the Billing section of the page.  Then, in 90-Day Fuel Surcharge History list, locate the most recent rates.

3.  Now, let's verify that the rates in ShipWorks for your UPS Local Rating match the rates on the UPS webpage.

From an error displayed when importing your rates:  If you received an error when importing your UPS rates into ShipWorks similar to the one in the image below, you can compare the rate on the webpage against the rate listed in the error. In the below example, the rate in ShipWorks is 6.5% which does not match the rate of 5.50% listed on the UPS Fuel Surcharge webpage.

From the ShipWorks log files:  If you receive an error like the one below when processing a UPS shipping label, you can easily view your UPS local rates for this shipment in the ShipWorks logs. Here's how:

a.  Click on the Manage tab and then on the Options button.  Then, click on Logging, then on View Current.

b.  Double click on the UPSLocalRating folder to open it.

c.  Locate the most recent Rate - (Response).txt file and double click it to open it.

The Fuel Surcharge will be listed in the file for you.  In our example, the rate in ShipWorks is 6.5% which does not match the rate of 5.50% listed on the UPS Fuel Surcharge webpage.

Updating the UPS Fuel Surcharges in ShipWorks

When initially creating your UPS Local Rating import file, it was recommended that you save the ShipWorks rate file with your UPS account specific rates as a template so that you could easily update the rates as needed.  You will need to modify this template with the latest UPS Fuel Surcharge rates.

If you do not have your UPS local rate import file, please follow the steps in this article to create a new ShipWorks import file. 


1.  Open your ShipWorks_LocalRatesFile.xlsx template.

2.  Select the Surcharges tab located at the bottom of the worksheet.

3.  Update the Fuel Air and the Fuel Ground surcharges with the current Fuel Surcharge rates listed on the UPS Fuel Surcharges webpage.  Once the file is updated, save the changes.

4.  Follow the steps in this article to upload your newly updated ShipWorks_LocalRatesFile.xlsx worksheet into ShipWorks.


If you have verified that the UPS Fuel Surcharges are correct and you still receive errors that there is a discrepancy with your UPS Local Rating rates:

1.  If you are uploading your UPS Local Rates into Shipworks, verify that you are importing the correct rates for your UPS account.  

  • Importing the Sample Daily Rates, which are downloadble from, will not match your UPS account specific rates.  Be sure that you have gotten a list of your UPS account specific rates from your UPS representative and are using these rates to create your ShipWorks import file.

2.  Review the UPS Local Rates in ShipWorks for hints as to which component of the rate may be incorrect.

When Uploading UPS Local Rates into ShipWorks

  • An error will be displayed showing the UPS rate obtained through the UPS API against the rate calculated using your UPS local rate import file, including each component that went into calculating the rate for several orders in ShipWorks.  You can use this information to determine which component of the rate may be incorrect. 
    • In the below example, the Local Rate was calculated as $17.47 compared to the API rate of $12.64.
    • The local rate was calculated for:
      • Zone 005
      • 1 Package
      • Billable Weight: 1 pound
      • Service Rate:  $13.00
      • Residential:  $3.40
      • Fuel Surcharge:  $1.07 (6.5%)

When Processing a UPS Shipment using UPS Local Rating

When a ShipWorks Dashboard Notification Displays 

  • ShipWorks attempts to validate the current UPS Local Rates against your UPS account specific rates each time the ShipWorks application is launched.  If there is a discrepancy detected, a ShipWorks dashboard notification will be displayed.  To view the UPS Local Rates and fees ShipWorks used to validate UPS local rates, follow these steps to obtain the ShipWorks log file which will list a breakdown of the UPS local rates and fees.

3.   (Optional)  You may also wish to log into your online UPS account and duplicate the shipment using UPS' online shipping tools.  This will allow you to see a breakdown of your UPS account specific shipping charges and fees for this shipment so that you can easily compare them to the rates and fees in your ShipWorks_LocalRatesFile.xlsx worksheet, in the ShipWorks log file, or in the ShipWorks error when importing your rates.

4.  Once you have determined the rate(s) or fee(s) causing the discrepancies, you will need to update your ShipWorks_LocalRatesFile.xlsx worksheet and upload the updates worksheet into Shipworks.

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