ShipWorks version 5.18 or later allows you to combine two or more orders into a single combined order, making it easy to ship multiple orders to the same address.  This article will guide you through how to create a filter that will catch any newly combined orders.  Then, after a combined order is shipped, the order will leave the filter.

First Things First

Before you can start combining orders in ShipWorks, there are a couple things that you need to have in place:

  • You will need to be on ShipWorks version 5.18 or later.  You can easily see what version of ShipWorks you are running by clicking on the Help tab and then on the About ShipWorks button.  If you need assistance with upgrading your version of ShipWorks, please see this article.
  • You will need to be logged into ShipWorks as a user with administrator rights.

The Process

1.  In ShipWorks, click on the Manage tab and then on the Filters button.

2.  Click the New Filter button.

3.  Name the filter.  Then, select the location where you would like the filter to appear from the Select the folder to put the new filter in: list.  Click Next.

In our example, we are naming the filter Combined Orders and placing it into our ChannelAdvisor store filter.

4.  Click on the Add Condition (button.  A new line Order Total Equals $0.00 will appear.

5.  Click on the blue text Order Total and select Order > Entry Method > Combined.

6.  You now have a line which reads Combined Equals None.  Leave Equals as is.  Click on the None drop-down menu and select Combined.

7.  Next, let's specify that we only wish to see unshipped orders in this filter.  Click on the Add Condition () button again.  A second Order Total Equals $0.00 line will appear.

8.  Click on Order Total and select Order > Local Status.

9.  Click on the green word Equals and select Does Not Equal.

10.  Click on the drop-down arrow and select Shipped from the list of statuses.

Your filter should now look like this:

11.  Click the Next button, click Finish, then click Close.

That's it.  You now have a filter that will hold your newly combined orders until you process a shipping label for them.

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