ShipWorks v5.17 or later now includes a packing slip and an invoice template that automatically group items by SKU.  Using packing slips or invoices that automatically group items by SKU can be helpful when picking products for orders downloaded from Walmart.  Here's why:

Let's say that a customer orders 3 of the same red t-shirt.  When the order is downloaded into ShipWorks from Walmart, the three red t-shirts are listed as separate line items.

By using a ShipWorks packing slip or invoice that automatically groups items by SKU, it becomes easier to pick products since you have only a single line item with the correct quantity.  This can also cut down on the number of mistakes when picking products for your shipments.

The Templates

The Standard Grouping by SKU packing slip and invoice can be located in the list of templates by clicking on the Manage tab and then on the Templates button.  

Packing Slip:  Expand the Packing Slips folder and select the Standard Grouping by SKU template.

Invoice:  Expand the Invoices folder and select the Standard Grouping by SKU template.

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