ShipWorks version 5.20.0 or later gives you the ability to view and to search for Walmart orders by the Walmart Customer Order ID.  This article will guide you through how to view the Customer Order ID field in the main orders grid and how to search for orders by the Customer Order ID field.

First Things First

Before continuing with this article there are a few things you'll need to have in place:

  • You will need to be on ShipWorks version 5.20.0 or later.  You can easily see what version of ShipWorks you are running by clicking on the Help tab and then on the About ShipWorks button.  If you need assistance with upgrading your version of ShipWorks, please see this article.
  • Please be sure that you have ShipWorks connected to your Walmart store and that at least one Walmart order has been downloaded into ShipWorks.

The Process

Viewing the Customer Order ID in the Main Orders Grid

1.  Click on the View tab and then on the Grid Columns button. 

2.  Scroll down in the list of available columns in the Column Order and Visibility list to locate the Customer Order ID (Walmart) column.  Check the box to the left of the column to make it visible in the main orders grid.

3.  Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to place the Customer Order ID column in the order that you wish.  In this example we moved the column so that it will be displayed to the right of the Store Name column in the main orders grid.  Click OK.

The Customer Order ID is now visible.

Searching for Orders by the Customer Order ID

1.  Click on the Advanced Search button located to the right of the Search All Orders box.

2.  Click on the Add Condition button () in the Search Orders dialog.  A new line will be displayed:  Order Total Equals $0.00.

3.  Click on the blue text Order Total and select Order > Walmart Customer Order ID.

4.  Click on the green text Equals and select the option for which you wish to search for the Customer Order ID.  You can leave the option as Equals if you are searching for an exact match, select Begins With, Ends With, Contains, and so on.  In this example, we will select Begins With.

5.  Enter the Customer Order ID or portion of the Customer Order ID you wish to search for.  In our example we will be searching for all Customer Order IDs that begin with the number 5.

Remember that you could search for an exact match by leaving the option as Equals and by entering the exact Customer Order ID for which you wish to search.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care representatives in St. Louis.  We are happy to help.