Even though ShipWorks cannot be run directly in the macOS (it's a Windows application) you can install Windows on your Mac computer using the macOS built-in utility called Boot Camp.  Once Windows is installed, you can install ShipWorks just like you would on any PC running Windows. Boot Camp allows you to boot your computer either into the macOS or into the Windows Operating System where you can run ShipWorks.  This article will provide you with resources and tips to help you get set up using Boot Camp running Windows on your Mac.  

For more options on how you can run ShipWorks on your Mac computer, check out this article.

First Things First

While Boot Camp comes free as a built in utility on your Mac, the Windows Operating System does not.  You will need, if you haven't already done so, to purchase a valid copy of the Windows Operating System, such as Windows 10.  

Helpful Resources

The first step is to follow Apple Support's instructions on how to install Windows using Boot Camp.  They have an article available to guide you through the process here.

You have Windows installed.  Now what?

Great!  Now that you can boot into Windows using Boot Camp, you are ready to begin installing and setting up ShipWorks.  We have many great articles available to help you get started.

ShipWorks Getting Started Guide

A great resource that will assist you with downloading and installing ShipWorks and some of the initial setup.

Adding Your Store(s) or Marketplace(s) to ShipWorks

List of articles to assist you with adding your stores and marketplaces to the ShipWorks software.

Adding Your Shipping Provider(s) to ShipWorks

List of articles to help you add your shipping provider account(s) to ShipWorks.

Shipping Your First Order

Guides you through how to process a shipping label in ShipWorks.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to help.