Sometimes you may just want a quick reminder on how to perform some of the basic tasks in ShipWorks.  We've created these easy to use guides to help you with some of the most common tasks and troubleshooting steps in ShipWorks. If you need more detailed instructions or troubleshooting steps, each of the below cheat sheets will also guide you to additional help articles and resources.

Feel free to print them out and to post them near your ShipWorks workstations to use as a quick reference.  Just click the link to download a PDF.  Check back often as we will be adding more cheat sheets on a regular basis.


Installing ShipWorks

ShipWorks Clients

Adding ShipWorks Client Computers

Adding a Store to ShipWorks

Adding Stores

Adding Shipping Providers to ShipWorks

Adding USPS

Adding UPS

Adding FedEx

Adding Order(s)

Adding a Manual Order


Shipping an Order in ShipWorks

Backing Up and Restoring the ShipWorks Database

Backing Up ShipWorks

Restoring a ShipWorks Backup

Labels Are Not Printing

Troubleshooting Printer Issues

Cannot Connect to the SQL Database

Restarting the SQL Database Service