When installing ShipWorks for the first time, you are asked What platform do you sell on?. You have the option of selecting an online store or marketplace to connect to so that you can automatically download orders into ShipWorks.

But what if you are not ready to connect ShipWorks directly to an online store or marketplace? Maybe you wish to just check out ShipWorks so that you can be sure that it is the right software for your needs.

During the ShipWorks setup, clicking on the Skip this step>> button will bypass the need to connect ShipWorks directly to your online store or marketplace.  Instead, you will be guided through creating a Manual store which is designed to let you enter orders into ShipWorks manually so that you can explore the many features of the ShipWorks software.

Once you've clicked the Skip this step >> button, you will be prompted to enter your Manual store information.  It's easy.  Just enter a name for the store (it is My Manual Store by default) and an address for the store.  The address will become the origin address for any shipments you might create.  Then, simply click Next for each screen.

Hint:  The information on the Contact Information screen is not required.

Once you are finished entering in the Manual store info, click Finish.  

Done.  So, What's Next?

You will now be prompted with the What's Next? screen.  From here, you can:

  • Add another store: This option will open the Add Store wizard again.  This is helpful if you wish to connect your online store or marketplace.
  • Add a shipping carrier: This option will give you the ability to add a USPS, FedEx, or UPS account to ShipWorks so that you can generate shipping labels.  Just click the appropriate button.
  • Start using ShipWorks: This option takes you to the main ShipWorks interface where you can add an order and begin using ShipWorks.

Additional Resources

You can now begin exploring and using ShipWorks.  Below are links to articles and User Guides that will help get you started.

ShipWorks Getting Started Guide - This is a detailed guide on how to configure and setup ShipWorks and how to start shipping your orders.

Looking for something a bit more streamlined to get you going?  Try our ShipWorks Cheat Sheets.

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Shipping an Order in ShipWorks

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to help.