Shipping profiles allow you to create and save sets of your most commonly used shipping defaults.  These defaults, or profiles, can then be easily applied to a single shipment or to a group of selected shipments.  For example, you could have a profile that automatically applies an expedited shipping service, weight, insurance, dimensions, signature required, turn on email notifications and more, all with just a couple of mouse clicks, with a keyboard shortcut or even with a barcode scan.

This article covers how to open the Manage Profile screen along with the information about the dialog and buttons of the screen.

First Things First

This article assumes that you are running ShipWorks v5.24 or later.  To check the version of ShipWorks you are running, click on the Help tab and then on the About ShipWorks button.  To upgrade to the latest version, click here.
In order to add or edit Shipping Profiles, you will need to be logged into ShipWorks as a user that has administrator rights.

The Process

Opening the Manage Profiles Dialog

Using the Manage Profile dialog, you can easily  manage your default shipping profiles, add new shipping profiles or delete an existing shipping profile. There are multiple ways to open the Manage Profiles dialog. Here's how:

A)  Click on the Manage tab and then on the Shipping Profiles button.


B)  Click on the Shipping tab and then on the Manage button in the Profiles section.


C)  From the Ship Orders screen, click on the Apply Profile button and select Manage Profiles.

The Manage Profiles Dialog
Next, let's take a look at the Manage Profiles dialog.

1. The profile pane.

  • Lists the default shipping provider profiles. These are the default profiles for each shipping provider in ShipWorks. They can be edited, but not deleted.
  • Lists any shipping profiles you have added to the ShipWorks software.
  • For each profile, it lists the associated shipping provider (if appropriate), the profile name, and any associated keyboard shortcuts.
    • Clicking on any column heading will sort the list of profiles by that column. Clicking the column more than once will alternate between ascending and descending order.

2. The Edit button.
Opens the Shipping Profile dialog for the selected profile, allowing you to modify the profile.

3. The Add button.
Opens a blank Shipping Profile, allowing you to add a new profile to ShipWorks.
4. The Delete button.
Deletes the selected profile. It is not possible to delete any of the Default shipping profiles.

5. The Print Barcodes button.
Gives you the ability to print a sheet of barcodes for any Profiles that contain a barcode.We will cover this in detail in the Applying Shipping Profiles section of this article.

6. The Close button.
Exits the Manage Profiles dialog.

What's Next

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