ShipWorks version 5.27 or later downloads item dimensions for the following stores:

  • Amazon
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Generic File
  • ODBC

It is also possible to filter orders by the item dimensions.  This article will cover how to view the item dimensions in the Items Panel and how to create a filter that filters orders by the item dimensions.

Viewing Dimensions

Dimensions download specific to each item on an order and can be displayed in the Items panel in ShipWorks.

To display the dimensions, right-click on any of the column headers in the Items Panel.  Check the box to the left of Dimensions.

Filtering on Item Dimensions

For this example we will create a filter that searches for orders containing any items with dimensions of 4x3x2.

1.  Click on the Manage tab and then on the Filters button.

2.  Click on the New Filter button.

3.  Give the filter a name and click Next.

4.  Click on the Add Condition button.

5.  Click Order Total and select For any... Item.

6.  Click the second Add Condition button.

7.  Click Item SKU and select Length.  Then, enter 4.

8.  Click the Add Condition button again, click Item Sku, select Width, and enter the width of 3.

9.  Repeat step 8, only select Height and enter the height of 2.

The filter now searches for orders with any item with the dimensions of 4x3x2.

10.  Click Next, then Finish.  Click Close.

Still Need Help?

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