When you want to focus solely on shipping, Order Lookup Mode is available.  Think of Order Lookup Mode as a streamlined interface that gives you only the tools you need to do what matters most; getting your orders out the door to your customers quickly and efficiently.  Order Lookup Mode streamlines the ShipWorks interface and expedites the shipping process.  

The attached Getting to Know Order Lookup Mode user guide will walk you through all that you need to know to get started with using Order Lookup Mode.

The following Help Articles are covered in the attached Getting to Know Order Lookup Mode user guide.

Switching Modes in ShipWorks

Loading and Clearing an Order

Shipping an Order in Order Lookup Mode

Reprinting or Voiding the Last Label Printed

Voiding or Reprinting a Label Processed Today

Customizing Panels on the Shipping Tab

Viewing Shipment History

User Security in Order Lookup Mode

Automating ShipWorks in Order Lookup Mode

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