After switching to Order Lookup Mode, you will probably notice that there does not appear to be a whole lot going on.  You are presented with the Shipping tab and an Order Number field.  This article will guide you through how to load an order onto the Shipping tab and how to Clear the Shipping screen.

First Things First

Order Lookup Mode is available in ShipWorks version 6.0 or later.  You can check your current version of ShipWorks by clicking on the Help tab and then the About ShipWorks button. For assistance with upgrading your version of ShipWorks, please see this article.

If you are new to ShipWorks, you can download the latest version of ShipWorks here and  our Getting Started Guide will help you to get up and running.

The Process

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Loading and Order [Manually]

Loading an order into the Shipping tab is easy.  Here’s how:

  • Click in the Order Number field and type in the order number that you wish to process.
  • Click the search button  or press Enter on your keyboard.

If there is more than one order with the same order number in ShipWorks, select the order that you would like to load and click the Select button.

When an order is loaded onto the Shipping tab, the following panels will display:

From Account
Shipment Details
To Address
Label Options

Order Items

Loading an Order [Using Single Scan]

It is also possible to load an order by scanning a barcode of the order number when you have Single Scan enabled.  Configuring Single Scan is outside of the scope of this article, but we do have a help article to walk you through searching for orders using a barcode scanner. 

Clearing the Shipping Screen

You can also clear an order from the Shipping tab by clicking on the Clear link located just to the right of the Order Number field.   Clicking the Clear button clears the order and all of the panels will be removed from the Shipping tab.

Still Need Help?

Please feel free to reach out to one of our awesome Customer Care representatives in St. Louis. We are happy to help.