ShipWorks allows you to easily import your product catalog.  This article will guide you through how to import your product information using the sample file attached to this article.

First Things First

Before you begin, please be sure that:

1.  You have ShipWorks version 6.0 or later installed.  You can check your version of ShipWorks by clicking on the Help tab and then the About ShipWorks button.  For assistance with upgrading your version of ShipWorks, please see this article.

2.  Your product catalog is in the proper format to be imported into ShipWorks. (Instructions below)

The Process

Switching to the Product Catalog

To import products you must first be in the Product Catalog in ShipWorks.  Here's how:

1.  Click on the Application menu.  Then, select View Mode and select Products.


Downloading the Product Import Sample File

Next, download the sample file.  Using the sample file will ensure that your product catalog is in the proper format to be imported into ShipWorks.  To download the file:

Note:  The same sample file is attached to the bottom of this article.

1.  In the Product Catalog, click on the Import button.

2.  Click on the sample products file link.

3.  Navigate to the location on your computer where you would like to save the file.  Then, click the Save button.

The file will be saved to the location you specify as a .CSV (comma delimited file).

Configuring the Sample File

Configure your product file so that it matches the format of the Sample file you downloaded in the previous steps.  

It is important that:

  • The column headings in the Sample file remain unaltered.
  • Begin entering your products into ROW 3 of the ProductImport_Sample.csv file.
  • Product information is entered into the appropriate columns and in the correct format using the information below.
  • Fields marked with * are required.
  • If there is a product in your import file with the same SKU as a product already in your ShipWorks database the imported product file will over-write the values for that product in ShipWorks.  It is important to note that blank values for a SKU in your import file will update the product in ShipWorks to be blank as well. 

Unique identifier for the product, for example: 45-678-9 or 56789
Alias SKU

Used for alias SKU numbers. An alias is an additional SKU assigned to a product. For example, if you have separate SKUs for the same product being sold on multiple stores or if you have unique Amazon or eBay SKUs for the product.
Multiple alias SKUs are entered in the following format:
SKU1 : AliasName1 | SKU2 : AliasName2

For example: If you have alias SKUs of SKU1 with a name of eBay and SKU2 with a name of Amazonenter them as SKU1 : eBay | SKU2 : Amazon

Note: If any of your Alias SKUs contain a pipe character ( | ) it will need to be escaped using a ( \ ). For example, if your SKU is SKU|1 you would it enter into the alias field as SKU\|1. This tells ShipWorks that the | is actually part of the SKU.
Bundled SKUs
For items containing multiple SKUs that are sold together, enter each SKU and quantity in the following format:  SKU : QTY | SKU : QTY.

For example, if the bundle contains one of SKU1, two of SKU2 and three of SKU3 it would be entered as:
SKU1 : 1 | SKU2 : 2 | SKU3 : 3

Bundled SKUs must either already exist in ShipWorks or must be listed separately in the product import file being created.  

Note:  If any of your Alias SKUs contain a pipe ( | ) or a colon ( : ) it will need to be escaped using a ( \ ).  For example, if your SKU is SKU|1 or SKU:1 you would enter into the field as SKU\|1 or SKU\:1 in the Budled SKU field.  This tells ShipWorks that the pipe or colon is actually part of the SKU.
* Name
The name or description of the product.  For example:  Large Red T-shirt
The Universal Product Code (UPC) of the product.
The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) of the product.
The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) of the product.
The weight of the product entered in fractional pounds.  For example: If the product weight is 1 pound and 4 ounces it would be entered as 1.25.  

Enter only the numerical value.  Do not include the unit of measure such as 'pounds' or 'lbs'.
The length entered in inches.
The width entered in inches.
The height entered in inches.
Image URL
If your product has an image associated with it, you can enter the path or the URL to the image here.  Examples may look like:

For an image located on your PC:          C:/Pictures/Image1.jpg
For an image on a network drive:          \\NetworkDrive\image.png 
For an image located on the internet:
Warehouse-Bin Location
Your warehouse location for the product.
Declared Value
The declared value of the product when shipping internationally.  Unit is US Dollar.
Country of Origin
The country in which the product was manufactured.  Used when shipping internationally.  Enter the two character country code .

For example:  United States = US, Germany = DE, etc.
Harmonized Code
Standard WCO tariff code for international shipments.
Indicates if the product is Active (available for use by the ShipWorks software) or Inactive (is in the ShipWorks product catalog, but is not used by ShipWorks).

To mark an item as Active, any of the following values can be used:  Active, Yes, True, or 1

To mark a product as Inactive, simply leave the field blank or enter Inactive.

Importing the Product File

Now that you have the import file saved with your product information, you can import the file into ShipWorks.

1.  Click on the Import button.

2.  Click on the Import button located at the bottom of the Import Product screen.

3.  Navigate to and select your import file.  Then, click the Open button.

The file will be imported and you will be notified of the number of products imported, how many of the products were new, and how many products were already in ShipWorks.

4.  Click the Close button.  The products will now be displayed in ShipWorks.

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