ShipWorks’ Product Catalog allows you to import and manage your product information right within the ShipWorks software.  With your product information stored in ShipWorks it becomes much easier to manage products when selling across multiple sales channels, weights and dimensions can be auto populated when shipping and, when shipping internationally customs information can be populated automatically.  

The product catalog allows you to easily import your products from a file, enter your products manually, export your product catalog to a file, create bundled products, add product variants, and more. 

The following articles are covered in the attached Getting to Know the Product Catalog user guide.

Switching to the Product Catalog

Adding Products Manually

Creating Bundled Products

Editing a Product

Adding Alias SKUs to a Product

Adding Attributes and Creating Variants

Searching for Products

Inactive and Active Products

Sorting, Selecting, and Refreshing Products

Importing Products from a File

Exporting the Product Catalog

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