More sku based information on shipment and packing slips



  • Nathan H.

    All of these ask can already be done using Shipping Rules and making some edits to your templates.

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  • Don Winckler

    WOW.  Thank you.  Can you point me toward instructions on how to do this, please?


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  • Emily G

    Hey Don-


    Thank you for reaching out! Nathan is correct, many of the requests you mentioned can be done through our shipping profiles and rules.


    1. We can set up 'shipping profiles' that have certain dimensions, package and service type and then set up rules to apply those profiles to specific orders or items! You can read more about shipping rules and profiles here: ShipWorks User Guide - Shipping Rules.


    2. We can set up a shipping profile and rule for this as well! We can set up a rule to look at requested shipping and then apply a profile with a certain weight and service type based on what has been requested for shipping. For example, if one of your customers requests Expedited Shipping, we can create a profile that will set the weight to over 1lb (or any other weight that is needed) and set the service type to Priority. We can also set up something similar for Standard shipping!


    3. We can add notes in ShipWorks manually or sometimes they can be imported from a marketplace along with an order. To add a note just select the order, right click and select Edit Order from the drop down. Then in the Notes section click on Add Note. You can then create a public or internal note. These notes are set to automatically appear on our default packing slips, but we can also configure any other template you have to get them to appear as well!


    Thanks and please let us know if you have any other questions!


    Emily Graves

    ShipWorks | Technical Support

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