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    Jacob Hutter

    Hello Missy!

    ShipWorks is always expanding features and growing in optimization. Feature Requests, like your post, are what help keep this process relevant and fresh.

    Allow me to send in a Feature Request for a branded Tracking Page, as well as for the ability of a live tracking status from within our Software.

    This would allow us a proper trigger, for our actions to initiate an automated 'Delivered' Email.

    A brief workaround..

    Although this is a somewhat manual process, we could:

    1. Add a local status of 'Shipped - Delivered'
    2. Create a 'Delivered' Email
    3. Set up an Action that Automatically sends the Delivered Email upon a local status that equals 'Shipped - Delivered'.

    In this case, you could:

    1. Engage in the track shipment function, via the Ship Orders window > Tracking tab, or by Right Clicking the order with shipment > 'Track Shipments' option.
    2. Verify the current status
    3. If status is delivered, set the local status to 'Shipped - Delivered'
    4. Through our Automated Action, the Delivered Email would be sent from setting the status, alone.

    Your post is the best route, but this is just one idea to work with in the meantime. We can continue to brainstorm ideas, as well.

    Thank you for reaching out to ShipWorks' Forum!

    -Let's Do This!


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    Rhett Roeth

    Yes, please!!!

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    Hey Rhett.

    Thank you for posting on our forums. While we don't currently have this feature available within the software, I want to reassure you that all Feature Request are received and acknowledged.  I will shoot an email to you so I we can discuss in more detail on what exact behavior you would like to see. 

    Thanks again,

    Gerald C. 

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    Terry Beasecker

    We are also interested in a package delivered email. We would like to see an automated email "Your order has been delivered".

    We already have an action "Your order has shipped" and it would be nice to follow-up with the customer with a second email when it is delivered.

    This functionality is available with both UPS Worldship and with ShipStation for example. Is this feature being planned yet for ShipWorks?

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    AJ Meyer

    Hi, Terry - 

    Thanks so much for reaching out on our forums! ShipWorks does not currently have this functionality, however I have added your information to the Feature Request. 

    I will reach out in an email to see if you have any other questions.

    Have a great day! 


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    Nathan H.

    We currently do this on an internal dashboard but we could make some changes to make it public facing as well.

    We have a live scan-by-scan dashboard of all open tracking numbers (Returns and Normal shipments).

    We currently DO NOT send the email saying "Package Delivered", but it would be a simple addition.

    For anyone wanting to do the same thing, we accomplish this with Python via the Flask framework and run reporting analysis on it using Power BI.

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