Cancelled orders still on ship screen



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    Dre G.

    Hi Don,

    The "Store Status" for the orders should be updated in ShipWorks when an order is Cancelled, however, we don't currently have a way to prevent orders from being shipped.

    Here's what we can do:

    • Re-configure your Ready to Ship filter so it does not show Cancelled orders
    • Create a template that will display a "Cancelled" notice in the Home tab

    I'll open a ticket for you and reach out via email to see if you'd like help with either of these workarounds.



    P.S. Andrew's idea of a pop-up dialog box is a GREAT one! We have a Feature Request submitted to our developers for this very thing. Keep an eye on our release notes at for it's release!



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    Andrew L.

    The only way to get rid of it, that I know of, is to delete the order, but it would be nice to retain the orders in there for reference.

    I would love the ability in Shipworks to have order statuses, such as cancelled orders, to be highlighted in red as a visual verify. Either that, or have a dialog box pop up that you would have to click through. It could say something like: "this order has been marked as canceled, do you wish to proceed?"

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    Philip Doolittle


    I submitted that feature request no less than 5 years ago. Way back on the old forum. There are LOTS of uses for order highlights based on status, such as VIP customers, delivery conf required, etc.


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