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    Jacob Hutter

    Genuinely, thank you again for your incredible advice, Andrew!

    That is a great idea! After further research, I have engaged in a ShipWorks Feature Request for optimization with our Action Banner functionality and our Development team will look into it. The more requests, and up votes, we receive on this request, the greater priority of demand our development team will be notified of.  

    One last thing…

    You can keep track of the awesome new features that come out with a new version here:

    Thanks, again, Andrew!

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    Jacob Hutter

    Andrew, let me get in touch with our team to implement an action plan for optimizing our Action bar. For it being an action error notification, this function should not be blending in to be overlooked. Also, having the action error to be displayed only from the workstation the error occurred on, plus all admin users, is a great idea. Thank you for this suggestion of sound, logical optimization for our software!

    I'll be posting right back in this thread with a status update.

    Thank you, Andrew!

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