SQL Server ODBC Store Connector - A Couple of Suggestions


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    Robert K.


    Thank you for reaching out! I would be happy to provide some insight to your questions.

    • While ShipWorks can only populate a list of tables in the drop down when setting up the download for an ODBC store, a simple custom query can easily be used to select from a view. Depending on the syntax of your database, the query should look similar to this:
    select * from viewname
    • The best way to accomplish pulling information into ShipWorks that doesn't have a field dedicated to it would be to utilize our Custom Fields. The custom fields can be displayed on the main order grid and filtered by as well. Since they can be used in filters, they can be combined with shipping profiles to make rules. As of right now our profiles can be set to automatically apply Saturday delivery for FedEx. While certain options are not available for profiles, the custom fields can still be used for internal reference within ShipWorks for certain circumstances.

    If you have any further questions on these situations I would be more than happy to open a support ticket with you to go more in-depth.

    Thank you and happy shipping,

    Robert K 

    ShipWorks | Technical Support Representative - Tier 2

    One Memorial Drive, 20th Floor, Saint Louis, MO  63102 

    ShipWorks.com | 800.952.7784

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